What is Snow Ice

Snow Ice

Snow Ice is flavored ice from Taiwan that is shaved into razor-thin “ribbons” making it look like fluffy snow. Snow ice is called Xue Hua Bing in Chinese which translates into “Snowflake Ice”.

The ingredients are frozen into an ice block and then Snow Ice Shavers shave the ice block into tiny strips of “snow” that melt in your mouth!

Once the ice has been shaved, you can top your snow ice with delicious toppings like fresh fruit, chocolate sauce, condensed milk, tapioca pearls, popping boba, grass jelly, mochi balls, and more!


What’s the difference between Snow ice and Shaved ice?

While Taiwan Snow Ice and Shaved Ice are both delicious, they are actually quite different!

There are many different types of Ice such as Snow Ice, Snow Cones, Shaved Ice, Bing Su and Hawaiian Shave Ice   These varieties typically only use water to make their ice blocks and then put a fruit-flavored syrup on the ice after it has been shaved.

With Snow Ice, the milk, fruit, and other flavors are put into the ice block before freezing. This makes sure that the entire snow ice block is infused with flavor and this is what sets this Taiwanese dessert apart.

Taiwanese Snow Ice Shavers then use a razor-sharp blade to shave the flavored ice really thin giving it a fluffy “snow-like” consistency.

This makes it a unique treat that stands out from traditional snow cones or shaved ice.


Making Snow Ice

Most Taiwanese Snow Ice uses milk as a base instead of water. You can then either add your own ingredients to it or use a pre-made powder.  Click here for the full article How to Make Snow Ice.

Popular Snow Ice Flavors

Mango (with real fruit)

Mango with ice cream or sorbet

Matcha Green Tea





Traditional Toppings


Red bean

Grass Jelly

Boba (Tapioca Pearls)

Popping Boba

Condensed Milk


Freezing Snow Ice

Freezing Snow Ice Blocks properly will depend on their size.  If you’re freezing a small snow ice block (single serve snow ice machine), then you can put these in a regular freezer.

Large Snow Ice Blocks are about 5.5″ x 5.5″ and require a freezer with a minimum temperature of -25° C/-13° F.

Snow Ice Block Sizes

Snow Ice Shavers

Snow Ice Shavers use a stainless steel rotating drive to push the ice block against a razor blade. The pressure combined with rotation against the razor blade is what creates the unique creamy snow ice “ribbons”. You have the option of using a Single Serve or Large Block Snow Ice Shaver.

All of our Snow Ice Shavers have free shipping to the US, are NSF Certified, and have a 1-year warranty with 3 years of video support.

Global Bear PDOM NSF

Snow Ice Shavers

Xue Hua Bing 雪花冰

In Mandarin Chinese, Snow Ice is called Xue Hua Bing 雪花冰, which literally means snowflake ice.


Where Was Snow Ice Invented?

Taiwan is known for its foodie culture and can proudly lay claim to international sensations like Bubble Tea, Beef Noodle Soup, Taiwan Snow Ice (雪花冰), and Taiwan Shaved Ice (剉冰 or 刨冰).

Snow ice was invented at the famous Shilin Night Market in Taipei, Taiwan, and Snow Ice has been steadily growing in popularity throughout the world.

Most people are familiar with Snow Cones or Hawaiian Shaved Ice but Taiwanese Snow Ice is a whole new way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Taiwanese Snow Ice uses a very sharp blade to shave the flavored ice extremely thinly. This method of shaving gives Snow Ice its unique and fluffy appearance.


What Does Snow Ice Taste Like?

Snow Ice has been described as a cross between ice cream and traditional snow cones and desserts. The creamy ribbons of snow give this dessert a unique appearance and texture. Many restaurant and drink shop owners have been adding this dessert to their menus which can provide another revenue stream and provide your customers with more delicious options.


Is Snow Ice a Good Business?

It is also possible to build a business all around Snow Ice like Ice Monster in San Diego, California. If you’re able to combine high-quality ingredients with professional equipment and a solid marketing strategy then you

The single-serve models are light and portable for fairs, festivals, farmer’s markets, and food trucks.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where did the snow ice dessert originate?

Snow Ice is from Taiwan and rumor has it that it was invented by a stall owner in the famous Shilin Night Market.


How is Taiwanese Snow Ice made?

Milk, fresh fruit, and a sweetener are mixed and then put into a special freezer where they form a solid ice block.

Once frozen, the ice block is shaved razor-thin with a special snow ice shaver.


How Many Calories are in Taiwanese Snow Ice?

The calories will range from 300-700 for a serving depending on which flavors you get. To keep your calories down, try only adding fresh fruit and skipping condensed milk.


What is Snowflake Ice?

This is another name for Snow Ice. It comes from the Chinese name Xue Hua Bing 雪花冰.  Xue Hua 雪花 means snowflake.