Snow Ice Shavers


Global Bear PDOM NSF


Snow Ice Shavers make a special type of snow ice that was invented in Taiwan called “Taiwanese Snow Ice” (雪花冰 Xue Hua Bing).  It is made by freezing milk and flavored powder or real fruit and then shaving it with a specially designed shaving machine.

Taiwanese Snow Ice is flavored ice that is shaved razor thin.  It starts out as a block of ice and then the Snow Ice Machine shaves it into tiny strips of “snow” that melt in your mouth!  You can then top it with whatever you want, fresh fruit, chocolate sauce, tapioca pearls, popping boba, grass jelly, etc.

Taiwanese Snow ice is different than Snow Cones or Hawaiian Shaved Ice.  Taiwanese Snow Ice uses a very sharp blade to shave the flavored ice really thin.  It’s called snow ice because of it’s fluffy consistency.

What is Snow Ice

Snow Ice is made by using a Snow Ice Shaver which uses a rotating drive to push the ice block against a razor blade that creates the unique creamy snow ice.  Our Snow Ice Shavers have NSF Certification to make sure that you can pass your health department check and to make sure that you are providing a safe and healthy treat for your customers. 

There Are 2 Types of Snow Ice Shavers:

PDOJ-M-200 Snow Ice Shaver 1
Global Bear PDOM NSF

Single Serve Snow Ice Shaver

Global Bear PDOJ-M-NSF

The Single Serving Shaver conveniently makes a perfect amount of snow ice for 1 person!  This way you don’t need large blocks of snow ice or an expensive freezer.  This is the easiest and most hassle free way to give your customers authentic Taiwanese Snow Ice and is perfect if you are a bubble tea shop or restaurant adding snow ice to your menu. 

This model is also great for Farmer’s Markets and Festivals!

Single Serve Snow Ice Machine

Large Block Shavers

Global Bear PDOM-GRM-NSF

The Global Bear PDOM is one of the most reliable Taiwan Snow Ice Shavers around.  It’s superior build and durable design have made it a favorite among Snow Ice Shop owners around the world. It also features NSF certification to meet strict USA health code standards.  This is a classic machine that is used in the most popular Snow Ice Shops because of it’s high quality parts and reliability.

It has a 1 year warranty and it comes with a convenient foot pedal.

Large Block Snow Ice Machine