Large Block Snow Ice Shaver

Global Bear PDOM-GRM-NSF


Global Bear PDOM NSF

Most Snow Ice Shops will use Large Block Snow Ice Shavers and the Global Bear PDOM-GRM-NSF is one of the most reliable Taiwan Snow Ice Shavers around.

This is the most professional Snow Ice Shaver that we offer and it features a Germ Resistant Safety Shield, a convenient Foot Pedal and NSF Certification to meet strict USA health code standards.

How to Freeze Large Ice Blocks

One thing to keep in mind is that Large Snow Ice Shavers use 5lb Snow Ice Blocks that are about 5.5″ x 5.5″.

In order to freeze them properly, you will need a freezer that can get down to -13° F (-25° C).  This can be done with a regular chest freezer or a dedicated snow ice block freezer.

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