Large Block Snow Ice Shaver

Global Bear PDOM-GRM-NSF

Most Snow Ice Shops will use Large Block Snow Ice Shavers and the Global Bear PDOM-GRM-NSF is one of the most reliable Taiwan Snow Ice Shavers around. This is the most professional Snow Ice Shaver that we offer and it features a Germ Resistant Shield, a convenient foot pedal and NSF certification to meet strict USA health code standards.

Large Ice Block Shavers Require a Special Freezer

One thing to keep in mind is that Large Snow Ice Shavers will require a special freezer to make the snow ice blocks.  This is because large ice blocks are made mostly of milk and are usually about about 5.5″ x 5.5″ so they will need a freezer that can reach a  minimum temperature of -25° C/-13° F.

Easy to Use

NSF Certification

Convenient Foot Pedal

Germ Resistant Shield


Large Block Shavers

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