Single Serve Snow Ice Shavers

Global Bear  PDOJ-M-NSF

What is Snow Ice?

 Taiwanese Snow Ice is flavored ice that is shaved razor thin making it look like fluffy snow.Fruit flavors are mixed together and then frozen to create a snow ice block.  This snow ice block is then put into a Shaver Machine and it is shaved into tiny strips of “snow” that melt in your mouth!  You can then top it with whatever you want, fresh fruit, chocolate sauce, tapioca pearls, popping boba, grass jelly, etc.

Single Serve Machines

 No Special Freezer Required!Our Single Serve Machines come in two different sizes 7oz (200g) and 17.5oz (500g).The Single Serve Snow Ice Machine conveniently shaves a perfect amount of snow ice for 1 person!  This way you don’t need large blocks of snow ice or an expensive freezer.  This is the easiest and most hassle free way to give your customers authentic Taiwanese Snow Ice.

Large Block Machines

 Large Block Machines are the traditional way to make snow ice.The Global Bear PDOM-GRM-NSF is one of the most reliable Taiwan Snow Ice Shavers around.  It’s superior build and durable design have made it a favorite among Snow Ice Shop owners around the world. It also features NSF certification to meet strict USA health code standards.  Plus it comes with a convenient foot pedal.
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