How to Make Snow Ice

How to Make Snow Ice


Taro Snow Ice Powder


One of the special things about Taiwanese Snow Ice is that the flavor is mixed right in with the ice!  This is different than Snow Cones or Hawaiian Shaved Ice that shave a flavorless ice block and then add fruit syrups to it.

Strawberry Snow Ice


Taiwanese Snow Ice Instructions:


What You Need:

Flavored Snow Ice Powder 200 g (1¼ cups)
Sugar 100 g (½ cup)
Warm Milk  (around 70° C/158° F) 825 ml (3½ cups)
Cold Milk 825 ml (3½ cups)


How to Make Snow Ice:

First, start by pouring the Warm Milk into a large bowl.
Second, slowly add the Flavored Snow Ice Powder and Sugar to the Warm Milk.
Third, mix thoroughly (with a handheld blender) for 2 minutes (make sure the powder and sugar are completely dissolved).
Forth, add the Cold Milk and mix it again for 1 minute.
Fifth, pour the mixture into your freezing container and let it sit for 1 hour or until it is cool.
Sixth, put the container into the freezer and freeze until completely frozen.

Freezing Your Snow Ice:

Traditional Snow Ice Blocks are about 5.5″ x 5.5″ and require a special freezer with a minimum temperature of -25° C/-13° F.

Single Serve Snow Ice Blocks can be made in a regular plastic cup and can be frozen in a regular freezer.


Snow Ice Machine Freezer

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